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These 3D glasses are functional and fashionable. Experience eye-popping 3D visuals with these polarized 3D glasses from Using passive polarized lens technology, these 3D glasses help immerse you in your favourite 3D movies, TV shows or video games. These 3D glasses are more stylish and affordable than many 3D frames on the market. These 3D frames are designed in a rectangular wrap-around style to comfortably envelop your entire eyes so you can better enjoy your favourite 3D entertainment. Brands like Blick 3D Glasses feature passive polarized lenses in an elegantrectangular frame. The modern, colour combinations are proof that 3D glasses can be functional and look cool. Additionally, these 3D glasses are manufactured from acetate; a durable, lightweight material; ensuring long-lasting, comfortable wear. Throw out your old, uncomfortable 3D eyewear, and get into the future with these stylish and fun 3D glasses from Clearly Contacts New Zealand. Try a pair of these chic 3D glasses and literally see the difference. It is important to note that passive polarized lenses are compatible with passive TV technology only.